Thursday, March 5, 2009

That's the spirit!

Sherrie helped get us all in the Mardi Gras spirit on Fat Tuesday. She christened me with some "special" beads, some of which were a little bit questionable.

Click on the pic if you really want a close up on those beads.

Mom was also in the spirit. No doubt the gallon jug of frozen margaritas we brought helped us all.

Sherrie somehow managed to get my mom to do a Jello shot! Here she is yelling at Mary to "Suck it!"

I couldn't just let my mom do Jello shots alone.

Where the heck was my dad in all this?! He disappeared for a while, so here's a picture of him earlier with Joseph.

Go Gran - a beer and a Dr. Pepper!

Poppy really made sure all the boys were right up front at the parade and were catching lots of beads.

This is just one of my favorite pics from the trip, those handsome brothers.

This series is typical of the trip: trying to get 3 kids all to look at the camera at the same time with the grandparents. Even harder when Leyton turns in the other direction on purpose!

We bolted after the 1st parade. Someone needed their spirit recharged:

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MiMi said...

I now have a new screensaver...can anyone guess what it is?...a picture of Poppy and I with our 3 beautifull grandsons..I am so excited to have this picture..Leyton will one day look at this picture and laugh....Great having and Hugs MiMi and Poppy