Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mimi's Swim School

Mimi was just in town for a visit, and she made sure that her return flight yesterday didn't interfere with Joseph's Tuesday morning swim class. She's really the best swim teacher we know, but it would be hard to go to Louisiana for lessons every week, so we make due with what we've got here in town. The 2 of them were right at home in the pool together.

We usually start off class with a few songs to warm up. Mimi didn't quite know the routine!

Miss Tammy is all about teaching the kids to instinctively reach for the side of the pool in case they accidentally fall in, so she pushes them to the wall over and over. I hope he never really falls in, because he's more of a sinker!

I finally got to go in after getting enough footage of Joe Joe with Mimi.

We kept trying to show how much he loves to jump in the pool. I say "Ready, set..." and he usually dives in before I say "Go!" We should have tried to film this one in the beginning of class, because he wasn't really into it by the end. This was the best we got:

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