Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Hare

The Easter Bunny was having a hard time waiting until April, so he (by way of Grammy and Grandpa) made a special early delivery this year for a very good little boy.

Joseph loved all the books and dvd's (Daddy requested no candy), but he was especially fond of the truck puzzle and this cup with his name on it.

And here he is loving his Italian Grammy, and a heel of Italian bread.


mimi said...

Lucky JoeJoe he will have two Easters...Can't wait to see you and hugs MiMi and Poppy

AUNTIE A said...

I just loved the picture of Joseph with his new cup. That smile is awesome!

Lance said...

No candy?? Poor child, can't wait until he spends a week with his Martinez cousins... he'll be so jacked up on sugar he won't pass a 7-11 without going into hysterics!