Monday, March 2, 2009

Hot 'n Cold

We interrupt our relentless posting of vacation pictures to bring you breaking news: March came in like a lion and dumped about 6 inches of snow on our doorstep overnight, and it was still snowing when we got up. I love how our house looks in the snow! Joseph is actually in the front door watching me take pictures.

Sadly Joseph couldn't go out in the snow and play today, since he's just getting over a fever. He waited until we got home from our trip to start spiking temps of 103 to 104.9 for about 48 hours straight. He was in great spirits and had no other symptoms other than a loss of appetite (he literally only ate one blueberry for breakfast today), and quite luckily had 2 doctors in the house to check on him constantly. During this illness he developed a crush on "Petey," as we call his Peter Rabbit. He wouldn't let go of him for 2 seconds, even in the highchair! So since Joseph didn't want his lunch either, he fed his carrots to Petey.

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mimi said...

You have the perfect picture for a Christmas card...your house looks beautiful...If JoeJoe didn't eat ,he must not feel well...because that boy loves to and hugs MiMi