Monday, March 2, 2009

Here's to good friends,

they made our trip so special!

JT hasn't seen Aunt Angie since he was just a month old. It was so sweet of her to take a detour our way to visit for a while. One day he will learn what a great cook she is, and he'll discover that she was the one that taught me how to make great gumbo.

It's always great to catch up with Julie, one of Brent's friends from high school. Her 3 girls and their 2 friends just doted on Joseph like he was a little prince. Fitting, since they were playing in a very pretty pink princess tent.

We spent the last day of our trip in New Orleans, where Aunt Jessica lives, so we got to see her too. It's surprising she isn't a doctor, since she sure knew how to use that doctor kit that Joseph got from Sherrie and Bo.


The Houston's said...

I'm not a doctor, but could tell you that I'm sure Joseph got sick since you brought him outside with no shoes on when everyone else is in winter clothes (in that last picture) :)

So why do two of my kids have double ear infections right now???

mimi said...

Heidi you need to let the girls go out barefoot..then they will never get sick..Julie's girls are so cute and I know they just loved playing with and hugs MIMI