Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthday Boys

We celebrated 2 big boys' birthdays yesterday. Our friends' son Andrew turned 1!

Andrew got this great picnic table as a present from his grandparents, and Joseph cozied right up for his lunch the second we got there.

We also celebrated at night for another special guy with a different 1st birthday - Brent's forty1st. His birthday is actually today, but it would have been harder for us to have a big dinner and make a cake for a weeknight.

Happy Birthday Honey!!


Honey said...

Happy Birthday Brent! It seems like yesterday you were that cute little guy with the white suit and bow tie!!!!
Hope you had a great day! Have a great time in California!

Anonymous said...

do i ever remember that suit and
bow tie, have a safe trip

The Houston's said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it was great!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday! Also, thanks for putting up the pics from Andrew's birthday. Both Andra and I had to miss our reunion with Alisa, Angie, and the girls in Austin. I love seeing the pics of all of your boys!