Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday Bonus

It was enough for me to have a really great day yesterday - spent with Brent and Joseph, getting presents and calls from loved ones, my favorite cake, dinner out, and seeing close friends. But then I got to have another great day today too! Missy made a yummy brunch for me, and our boys got to play together (the little ones, and the big ones too) in amazing spring weather. And it was snowing just last week!

The pics of these bubbles are too cool. That's Uncle Mr. Matt, Jack's dad.

Jack is so verbal, he says "Jack's bubble juice" as he shoves his hand in the jug.

As expected, Joseph is learning about gardening from his Papa. Well, he mostly likes to pick up sticks, and at least he gave one of them to Papa.

We enjoyed the weekend as much as we possibly could. Winter weather is coming back this week.

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mimi said...

Glad you had a great Birthday Carl...the boys are so cute together..Mat and Missy are such sweeties..actually I had to blink back tears when I saw JoeJoe helping Papa ..what a precious moment ...never pictured a little boy in that yard.....thank you God, for and hugs MiMi and Poppie