Friday, February 27, 2009

There's no place like Houma

The reason I haven't blogged in a week is that we were out of town again. It would have been easier to have just clicked our heels 3 times and been back in Louisiana, but the flight really wasn't that bad. We went to celebrate our 1st Mardi Gras! We knew better that to stay in New Orleans with a toddler, and Houma has great festivities on a more manageable scale. There was a parade the 1st night we got there, which goes right in front of Gran's house. Joseph got a few Christmas presents people had waiting for his arrival!

Waiting for some action with Mimi and Poppy:

Then the floats come by. One of Joseph's new words is "truck." Heard it about a million times, as every single truck, float, car, van, and bus went by.

And they throw stuff at you! Mostly beads, but also balls, stuffed animals, frisbees, and all kinds of other stuff.

There's so much more to post. We took about 250 pictures and videos. I won't make you see them all, but there's some great stuff to share. Keep checking back!

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mimi said...

It was so much fun to share Joseph and Carl's first Mardis Gras together....It's the Greatest free show on Earth....We just loved having the Gatto's and enjoyed Mary's meatballs and gravy...thanks to everyone took a village to keep things moving and it was so much and hugs MiMi and Poppy