Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Sunshine Day!

I have no idea what on Earth is going on with the weather around here - if it has anything to do with global warming or that little groundhog - but one day it's near 20 degrees and 2 days later it's almost 60. But who can complain when you can walk to the park without a coat in February?

There are tons of swings and slides and things to climb on, but Joseph mostly wanted to do laps pushing this little car around. Kinda like at home! But he did get on the see saw for a while and had a blast.

So we've been swimming and playing outside in the dead of winter.
I have no problem with that.

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mimi said...

Joe Joe looks like he has fun anytime anywhere any weather....He is a lucky little boy to be able to have so many fun things to do....and such great parents to do things with him...Love and Hugs MiMi and Poppie