Monday, February 16, 2009

Squeaky Clean

I'm sure everyone hopes that their kids will share their passion for whatever it is they may be interested in. Nothing would make me happier than if Joseph wanted me to teach him how to cook or bake, or paint and fix things around the house. And I'd also love if Joseph wanted to get his hands dirty in the garden with Brent. But then there's the neat freak in Brent that might be rubbing off on Joseph already:

Brent adores his Dyson vacuum cleaner more than I could describe. Joseph isn't too far behind him though, and he gets upset when we try to take it away from him. But he does a pretty good job of it alone! Vacuuming is definitely going on the chore list when it comes time for an allowance.

In case you're wondering, one thing Brent is not good at is putting pants on the boy!

And then when the house is clean, you have to clean the kid too. He's just too cute sometimes!

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