Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Petsmart. Smart!!

I continually get new ideas and inspiration from one of the best moms in the world, Joseph's Aunt/Godmother Missy. What to do to entertain a toddler on a freezing cold day when you're tired of being stuck in the house? Go to Petsmart.

See, we don't need TV. His eyes were glued on the tanks and cages of fish, birds, guinea pigs, snakes, cats, and even dogs in the grooming salon.

And then there's cat toys to play with! What kid doesn't love to play with everything that's not an actual kid toy?

He can look as longingly as he wants. 2 cats is enough!


Missy said...

thanks for the lovely compliment! i'm so glad joe joe had fun. :) XO

Lance said...

Toys R Us is better- we would terrorize the bike section- you can ride them in the store! Idiots!!

Alia said...

Excellent.!! Petsmart is really a fantastic idea to entertain a toddler. :-)

Andra Chernack said...

OMG, PetSmart is brilliant!