Saturday, February 28, 2009

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

They tell me that means "Let the good times roll!" in French.

Sunday brought another parade, as well as Grammy and Grandpa from Jersey, who were also there to experience their 1st Mardi Gras with us.

Mimi and Poppy had all their grandkids together, since Leyton and Ashton came with Aunt Suthern.

The good times rolled in quite literally when Gran arrived with Sherrie, June, and Mindy.

Leyton has a great view on Suthern's shoulders. But he weighs about the same as Joseph!

A very serious Ash. He must have sensed that Bo was coming....

Sherrie's husband Bo was riding on one of the floats. Everyone got excited as he came nearer.

And then he tried to beat the crap out of us with anything he could get his hands on! He's the guy in the middle. His arm is blocking the look of pure evil on his face as he tried to take someone out. Joe Joe and I ducked for cover! (Truth be told, it was actually pretty funny.)

Joseph can't quite grasp the insanity that is Mardi Gras. But we subjected him to much, much more!

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mimi said...

This Mardis Gras will go down as the best ever... our 3 grandsons were here together and we had so much fun...they are all so precious and we love them so much..hopefully it will happen again ...I know how hard it is to travel with the children so I want to thank you all for making this so much fun for us.. I love all of you so much...thanks MiMi