Sunday, February 8, 2009

He's just that into it

Joe Joe is absolutely loving our weekly gym class. They play this song and pound on an "air log" until the song says to FREEZE! I think it's his favorite part of the class.

There was even a much cuter video of him truly rockin' out to the song, but we sadly had to learn the hard way today that baby fingers and technology don't mix that well - when he deleted it from the camera while I was showing it to him.

As an aside, I couldn't help buying this shirt for him. Boston College colors. I might let him leave the city if he wants to go to Boston.


mimi said...

Joe Joe is so funny...I watched the video 4 times and each time I was amazed how he knew when to freeze...of course this was in between laughing....that is so cute--LOve and Hugs MiMi and Poppie

Meg (Nichols) Rosan said...

Hi Brent and Carl! I have been enjoying your adorable Christmas card for over a month now and only just realized it led me to your terrific blog. Joe is growing so quickly and becoming a little man! I'm very happy for you and very glad I played a small part in making it "official." My best to your family in the new year, Meg