Sunday, February 15, 2009

The 3 "R's"

Reading, (w)riting, and redecorating.

Every Saturday morning through the winter, Turtle Park has story time with the famous "Reader Dude." What, you haven't heard of him?! He has lots of sound effects and does tons of different voices as he reads the books. None of which entertain Joseph for very long. He listens to 2 or 3 stories, and then he just wants to walk around and climb all over. But he is very polite and stops what he's doing to clap for Reader Dude at the end of each one.

They wisely set up a table for coloring.

Then we tried to go back up front, and Joseph just pushed the chairs around for the rest of the time. I guess the rec center could use a little redecorating anyway. At least it's something to do indoors during the winter!

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The Houston's said...

I am truly impressed that he listens to 2 or 3 stories. He looks like such a big boy!