Sunday, January 4, 2009

Late, for a very important date.

It's gotta be tough having a birthday around a major holiday. Just ask Joseph's Godmother Missy, whose birthday is a few days after Christmas. What with traveling, shopping, and such, we always seem to get around to celebrating in January. But maybe that's not so bad - doesn't everyone wish their birthday celebration would last longer than 1 day?!

And talk about tight schedules: our boys didn't even exchange Christmas gifts until January 3rd! Jack got a basketball hoop from Joseph.

And Joseph got a HUNDRED balls from Jack! He loves them so much already, and they were the 1st thing he went for when he woke up this morning.

Happy Birthday, Mis! As you know from your gift from me, the celebration WILL continue even longer! Love you!!! You're the PERFECT Godmother and friend!


Lance said...

I boycott all godparent references given my shunning at the ceremony

mimi said...

Happy belated Birthday Missy!...the boys look like they had a blast and of course the cake....I could almost taste it um and hugs Mi Mi and Poppie