Monday, January 26, 2009

In the 30's

Today JT had his official 18 month checkup with Dr. Moe, and his numbers are:
weight 34 pounds, 6 ounces,
height 36 inches.
It's no news to anyone that he's off the charts, but he keeps growing pretty proportionally.

The other thing in the 30's around here is the weather. But do you believe not one single store sells winter clothes anymore???? The boy has no gloves that will fit his paws anymore, so I had to put a pair of mine on him just to walk to the store. Even though I think it's pretty sad, he got a kick out of it. Then he took them off in record time.

If anyone's interested, I finally got a link to Jack's blog over there with the rest of our favorites. Check out Joseph's best friend!


The Houston's said...

Wow-Macy weighs 34 pounds too...but she's almost 3 and a half! :) Consider yourself blessed with a good eater!

Holly said...

I was going to say, my son Colin was at the doctor's yesterday (he's 3 years, 3 months) and weighed in at 34.5 pounds (with his jeans and shirt on)! He's a couple of inches taller than Joseph, though. We have the same problem though, with hats - his head has been off the charts most of his life (typically twice the size proportionally to the rest of his body). There are some shirts that are made for his size that don't fit over his head (we had to rip the neck the other day).

mimi said...

Wow ,Brent you better start growing ..JoeJoe is getting so big and so and hugs MiMi and Poppie