Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change has come!!!

Our hometown of Washington, DC, had to be the most exciting place in the world today as we witnessed the inauguration of our new President, Barak Obama! None of us were crazy enough to even think of braving the crowds and the cold to see it all in person, so we celebrated by having an intimate brunch with our guest, Auntie Nadeen, who is visiting from sunny Florida. We had yummy Belgian waffles and toasted with champagne.

Of course I had to break the TV ban so Joseph could see history in the making!!! We tell him this anyway, but today is a reminder that his possibilities are limitless!

One more cute pic, of Brent and Nadeen when they had gone to the free (outdoor!) concert on the Mall on Sunday, all bundled up.


The Houston's said...

I was wondering if ya'll were out there. It looked awful cold!! I think you're seats were much better!

Lance said...

TV BAN?? WHAT?? are you one of those parents- poor Joseph- let him come to uncle Lance!! We'll watch some 90210 reruns!