Thursday, January 31, 2008

Christening Day

It only took 6 months, but we finally had Joseph baptized on Sunday, January 27. It took quite a while to find an outfit that was big enough, since babies are usually baptized much earlier, and are generally not twice the size of their age.

Proud parents:

Catholicism in action:

We are thrilled to have 2 wonderful people to be Joseph's Godparents: Brent's brother Glenn, who is his "Parran" (French for Godfather), and my dear friend Missy, who is his "Fairy Godmother."

We are also thrilled so many important people could come - Carl's parents from NJ, Brent's Mom and Gran from Louisiana, and Glenn, Suthern, and Leyton from Houston.

JT is already trying to get his hands on Daddy's baked goods!

Thanks to our friends and family who came to share in this special day with us! And a special thanks also to Meredith and Suthern for being fantastic photographers and documenting this event for us - we wouldn't have this post without them!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just the stats, Ma'am

Are you ready for this?! OK, here we go:
Weight 22 pounds, 1 ounce.
Length 29 inches.
As always, he is perfectly proportional.
It's just that his proportions are average for about 11 months old.

And he's 6 months old.

He will be bigger than Brent by the time he's 2 years old!

Why do they always eat the paper on the exam room table?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Joseph at 6 months

OMG, he's HALF a YEAR old already!

He's still a great roller, but is better at standing, and is getting into sitting without support for a little while. Everything goes in his mouth - toys, hands, feet, socks, paper, whatever he can grab.

He's quite the talker, and is making raspberries left and right. He just started to babble "ba ba." I'm pushing for "da da" and Brent keeps encouraging "pa pa." He has the greatest belly laugh, but he still laughs every time we sing to him. He is amazed by both the fireplace and the water in the tub. He's also starting to watch Simon and Jeffrey - those poor cats won't stand a chance once Joseph learns to crawl.

He's SOOOO long! His check-up is next week, so we'll get the stats then. Our best guess at weight is about 23 pounds! His appetite has finally slowed down, and after a few questionable faces, he has decided sweet potatoes are not bad after all. Pears are up next.

(Can you tell I love this chair? I keep putting him in it and taking pictures. Sorry if it's getting old.)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Civic Responsibility

Yesterday morning I reported for jury duty, as summoned. A lovely woman registered me, and I asked her a question: Since I'm actually supposed to be at home right now taking care of my baby, and I have to pay someone to watch him while I'm here, is there any chance that the government of the District of Columbia will reimburse me for child care if I have to serve on a jury, or is that just my civic responsibility to take care of that on my own? Now, I said she was lovely, because she told me to turn around and go right home, and she would excuse me from serving this time. I graciously (though half-heartedly) offered to stay for the day, but she sent me on my way.

So instead of hanging out at the courthouse, I got to spend the day with Joseph! We practiced sitting:

Played with our puppy:

Worked on our table manners:

And then just made a big old mess after lunch!

We are so excited to finally be using his gorgeous high chair, which was a wonderful present from "Auntie" Nadeen. Right now he's just working on cereals, but Joseph is sure to enjoy many yummy meals in that chair!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I owe you one, son.

Thanks to Joseph, I got a fabulous new car yesterday.
You see, Joseph is a big boy, and he barely fits in his infant car seat anymore. So we have to buy the enormous convertible car seat, which really doesn't fit well in a Honda Civic. Said Civic was already 8 years old, and Papa insisted we needed something bigger and much, much, much safer to transport our precious cargo.
I really just think cars are supposed to get you from A to B, but Brent thinks you should go from A to BMW, so that's where we wound up. And I now have the most gorgeous new BMW sports wagon I could have ever imagined.

This is me, unable to resist the urge to imitate Britney Spears during her interview with Matt Lauer: when asked why she would drive on the freeway with her infant son in her lap, she said "We're from Loiusiana. We're country."

No, no, baby, don't be scared. I'm from Jersey, so we're going to get you a car seat, I promise. But that will be the look on my face the 1st time you want to borrow the car keys.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Jack Attack!

Since I've been working part-time, we've been trying to keep up a regular play date once a week with Missy and her son Jack (we insist Joseph and Jack will be BFF's). Jack is 2 months older, and quite the developmental phenomenon - already standing and crawling at 7 1/2 months. Joseph is right on track though, sitting for a short bit without support.

It seemed Jack was just being sweet and wanted to be close to Joseph....

...but then he went for the ear and yanked Joseph's hair (who didn't even notice as 2 cameras were flashing away every 2 seconds).

But finally Jack got busted, and he knows it... he's just back to being a sweetheart!

We have so much fun together!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Can this boy pose, or what?
Maybe this will pay for college...

(Can't you also just imagine that Brent was born wearing a button down oxford and some saddle shoes? I love my preppy boys!)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Joseph's "new" toys

Although technically they're actually old toys, he's just never played with them before.

One is the "Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Center." (OK, can't they just call it a jumper?) It was yet another wonderful present from DDR at our shower in August, and JT is finally big enough and strong enough to use it. He hasn't figured out he can spin 360 degrees and play with everything - he's too fascinated with the light up piano keyboard.

The other new toys are his feet! He seriously just found out he had them a few days ago, and I was lucky to be around to witness his discovery. Apparently they are very fun and quite tasty, because like everything else, they go straight into his mouth.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Joseph is very excited to welcome 2008!
He slept through all the festivities last night, but was ready to ring in the new year this morning.
Hope you all had a safe and fun-filled celebration, and we wish you health and happiness in the coming year.

(By the way, how adorable are those sneakers, which he got at his shower in August, but just now fits into?! Thanks DDR! And he's sitting in a fabulous personalized Pottery Barn Kids chair that was one of his many Christmas presents. Thanks Uncle Glenn, Aunt Suthern, and Leyton!)

Please be sure to go back and check posts for December 2007 - I just published a ton more! I uploaded all the pics in December but couldn't get around to adding the text until now, and Blogger filed them based on the date I created the posts rather than published them. So go back in time, and enjoy!
New Year's resolution: blog more?