Monday, December 22, 2008

Under Construction

Our friends Mallory & David host an awesome party every year now - they make a gingerbread house for every guest and provide all the supplies for us to decorate them. Last year JT had the stomach bug, so we didn't stay long and didn't get to decorate one. We were really excited to go this year!

If he ever asks, please tell Joseph that I DID let him eat candy at this party. Even though you would be lying. But he sure went to town on a dried mango.


Honey said...

Joseph is so adorable! I know that you all feel so blessed. Thank you for the birday call. I hope you enjoy your holidays. I can't wait to see pictures of JoJo with presents!
love you guys, Susie

mimi said...

What a nice tradition..Joe Joe looks like he had fun---candy or no candy that boy is always so happy. Can't wait to see the pictures of Christmas Morning.Merry Christmas to all.Love MiMi and Poppie