Saturday, December 6, 2008


The holiday season is officially upon us, and I better get back to blogging. It's been a week since the last entry! Last night I got to attend the 1st party of the season at Meredith's. Brent stayed home while Joseph slept, and a few of us joked at the party how all the "wives" got to go out while the hubbies stayed home with the kids. I was so involved in adult converastion and catching up with good friends that I never took a single picture.

Today Papa and Joe Joe got to share in the holiday spirit as we ventured downtown. Union Station is beautiful without any decorations, but it was even more gorgeous with this huge tree.

We then walked over to the Botanical Gardens, where every year they have a huge train setup which is fascinating for the kids. But man, it is COLD outside!! We even got a light dusting of snow this afternoon.

There were bridges and tracks up to the ceiling and crisscrossing everywhere, and Joseph just kept staring at everything in amazement and pointing at the trains as they came around corners.

There's a lot of fun things to do with kids in DC, and much more holiday cheer to come!


Hollie Reese said...

WOW! How fun. My kids would love that. I guess we will have to come for a visit!

mimi said...

Joe Joe is going to just love Christmas this year .I can't wait to see him with Santa. Love MiMi and Poppie

Kathy Pascover said...

Thanks for posting about this - I had Alex take Zoe yesterday and they had a blast! I've never seen (pictures of) her so excited!!!