Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let's Get Physical

Instead of a regular playdate a few weeks back, Jack invited us to join him at his Gymboree class. Joseph had a blast, and I was able to see past my germ phobia to let him have a good time.

I am amazed when we go to these classes and I find out that Joseph can do a lot more than I knew! Pretty good balance...

So we decided to check out a gym closer to our house yesterday, and Joseph had a great time again. I don't know why, but instead of kid music, this gym pretty much played Madonna nonstop - and it's a little odd to hear the song "Live to Tell" when my son is trying to go down steps alone for the 1st time.

Seriously, doesn't everyone think this is just one big germ pit, or is it just me?!!!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry Daddy we all survived the germ war and that was even before Purrell.JoeJoe can really move at the gym. He is just so cute and so much fun to watch. Love those videos..Love and Hugs Mi Mi and Poppie