Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Have yourself a "techie" little Christmas

One of the cooler moments this year: being able to spend some time on Christmas morning with our family in Louisiana, thanks to modern technology (that webcam Mimi bought for us during her last visit). We were also able to see Aunt Suthern, Uncle Glenn, and cousins Leyton and Ashton, who were vacationing for the week in Vail.

Then we got to see what Santa brought! Since Jack has been naughty and won't share his Elmo, Joseph got one of his one. And there were even some treats for the cats!

Then we packed up, and headed off to New Jersey....


Kathy Pascover said...

My MIL suggested getting a webcam, but I don't like the idea. Not sure why.

mimi said...

This was a long distance Christmas for us. Thank goodness for the web cam. It was so much fun opening gifts and watching each other and sharing a few special moments with the ones we love so much. Love MiMi and Poppie