Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Garden State Holiday

We continued our Christmas celebrations into December 26th. Who can manage seeing everyone in one day? First up was meeting Uncle Mike and Joseph's only 1st cousins on my side of the family, 13 year old Michael and 11 year old Samantha. We (sadly) haven't seen them in over a year, and it was so great to catch up with them and have them see how much JT has changed. And since we're still getting up around 6am, meeting for breakfast was a cinch for us. Not as easy for the older kids!

Next we drove up to North Jersey (where I grew up), where many of my relatives still live. My Uncle Peter and "Aunt" Debi were kind enough and brave enough to have the clan over for a visit. Debi went crazy and cooked a huge, elaborate, multi-course meal for us, which was just incredible! She totally deserves a major kitchen renovation with cooking skills like that ;)

Joseph finally got to meet his Uncle Pauly and see my Aunt Anna Marie and Uncle Jimmy again. Jimmy does a pretty good Donald Duck voice, which Joseph thought was pretty funny.

Joseph was surprisingly shy when we first arrived, but he was pretty quick to warm up to a room full of big people. And he was sure to show us all over and over and over again that he's "SO BIG!" too - which provided us with a perfectly bloggable picture of him with our fabulous hosts. Thanks again Peter and Debi!

Last up was the drive back to my parents' house, and eventually back to DC. Would have been a perfect trip except for yet another boo-boo that happened on my watch, when Joseph tried to grab a hot light bulb and hurt his hand. But he's fine, and that wraps up the festivities.


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mimi said...

Hope JoeJoe's hand is ok--Samatha and Michael have really grown and look so nice all dressed up. It was nice to meet your relatives Carl, that's whats so good about the blog ,I feel like we were there. We just got back from a ski trip with Glenn and family and now we went to Jersey..Happy New Year to everyone--Love MiMi and Poppy