Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Christmas Eve in Washington...."

was an absolutely wonderful night! (But it also happens to be the title of an awful holiday song - do they play that anywhere outside of the DC area?)

Joseph woke up from his nap early enough for us to attend the family mass at the church where he was baptized. He looked adorable in his little blazer, and he was an absolute angel the entire time - not a single moment of fussing or crying!

Back at home, after dinner, we changed into our jammies and did all the usual stuff:

Opened some presents that people had sent for Joseph (not the ones Santa would deliver later, of course!):

Hung the stockings by the chimney, with care:

Put out some cookies for old St. Nick:

And read "The Night Before Christmas" before putting him to bed:

Then we had our own dinner, lit a fire, and exchanged our gifts to eachother. This is the pile for both of us, not just Brent!

As you can see, Brent and I have very different styles. I wanted some Converse low tops, he wanted Cole Haan slippers. They say opposites attract, right? We were both happy with our gifts, and more importantly, it was a really special night with our baby boy.

But there's much more to post!


Kathy Pascover said...

Ooh, all those wonderful Christmas traditions that I neglected to do with Zoe! Well, there's always next year.... :-)

mimi said...

I just love JoeJoe's Christmas outfit--Mr. GQ already--Of course the PJ family pictures is precious-Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone--Love MiMi and Poppie