Saturday, November 29, 2008


I guess it needs to be past tense since the holiday is over and I'm just posting pics now....

We had a lovely intimate dinner for a change this year, just 6 people and JT at the head of the table. We were thankful for the good company of Grammy and Grandpa, Miss Meredith, and Grammy's cousin Jo. We broke out my Grandmother's china and crystal, and JT got to use the set of silver Tiffany utensils he received as a gift at his christening.

I was thankful the meal turned out well, even though some people would prefer to eat their shoes...

The weather was nice enough to take an afternoon stroll to burn off some calories, and I was grateful to not have to clean up after cooking all week!

The only food picture I took of the entire feast, a caramel apple cake with brown sugar buttercream. Mmmmmm!

All-in-all, another great day, another wonderful holiday. Peace out!

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mimi said...

Looks like the Alton Boys, family and friends had a very nice Thanksgiving in D.C. Our Thanksgiving was wonderful in Louisiana as well. I would have just loved to see JoeJoe dig into the turkey and fixings. That boy loves to eat and really enjoys it. It was so much fun to see everyone on the web cam .I felt like we were there with you guys . Love Mi Mi and Poppie