Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shine on!

Yesterday was just one of those days when you throw your hands up in the air and let your kid do whatever the heck he wants to do, as long as he just stops whining. Well, 2 minutes into that decision, which this particular time meant playing on the stairs, Joseph face-planted and screamed his head off. I was pleasantly surprised to find all of his teeth intact and no blood spewing from any orifice, but then I noticed the ping pong ball sized swelling on his eyebrow, which I just knew was going to turn into the most lovely shiner today:

Strong work, Daddy!

Truth be told, it doesn't look this bad in person. When his eye is open you can barely notice it's a little swollen. This angle just makes sure I feel really guilty.

Bummer is that we had a photo shoot scheduled today that we clearly had to cancel. Photoshop can only do so much.


The Thibodeaux's said...

The first of many more to come - this will only make him tougher! He still looks adorable, even with a bunp on his eye! We miss him so much!

The Houston's said...

Chicks dig scars (and bruises)!