Monday, November 24, 2008

No laughing matter

Lesson learned from last week's playdate:
kidnapping Elmo is a serious offense - just ask Jack.

And here's Jack setting a bad example for Joseph by scaling the furniture and walking on the window ledge - no laughing matter there either.


Splolly said...

Oh my goodness that clip is hilarious. My favorite part was when Jack had gotten Elmo back and left the chair uncovered - the look on Joseph's face was priceless - victory is mine! It's like he was a chess player and that was the intention the whole time with the Elmo snatching. I appreciated your "me" day as well - mine are also infrequent and usually involve a pedicure, but the Us Weekly (or In Touch - the poor man's Us Weekly) is ever present. I also sneak off to a movie that others in my family (hubby and son) wouldn't appreciate. (From Alisa's friend Holly)

Missy said...

great video!!! XOXO

mimi said...

Those boys are just too cute. I just loved watching the interaction. Joe Joe is too cute with that belly laugh while sneaking Elmo away. Miss you and Love you--Mi Mi and Poppie