Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Age of Aquariums

Mimi is here for a visit, and since we thought Joseph was old enough to finally appreciate it, we roadtripped to Baltimore to check out it's well-known aquarium. We also got to see some friends that we really should see more often, since Baltimore is less than an hour away. The aquarium makes you check your stroller, but they give you a backpack to carry around the little ones. Joe Joe was not really thrilled to be strapped in that thing at 1st, but then he realized he had the best view, and it was smooth sailing after that.

After a while, my shoulders couldn't take the pressure anymore, so we had to let him loose. Pretty much every picture is the back of his head while he's staring at the fish and all the other exciting sights (which isn't so terrible, since his eye is really black now).

It's totally worth a visit! Next time we'll plan better, since there's also a dolphin show to catch, but someone needed a nap...


Honey said...

Sounds like fun! I know that Mimi must be having a great time with ya'll. Joseph is such a handsome guy!

mimi said...

It was so mcuh fun to experience the aquarium with JoeJoe--he was so cute to watch , --His favorite seemed to be the bubbles . Thanks again for the great trip to the aquarium. Love and Hugs Mi Mi