Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan!

One of Joseph's boyz in the 'hood turned 2 and had a birthday party yesterday. It's so cute to hear all the older boys run around calling out for "Joe Joe" and trying to make him laugh. Ethan is so sweet and shares all his toys with Joseph.

Check out the cute party favors - pumpkins with the kids' names on them to take home and decorate. Feel free to steal the idea if you have a party coming up!

Ethan's grandparents are wonderful. Joseph is fascinated by dogs, and points at every one we see on the street. When Barb brought out buddy, Joseph pointed at him and said "woof" for the 1st time (which he repeated several more times!) And Bob gave Joseph his 1st piano lesson.

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mimi said...

The cake looks like a Carl creation --Can't wait to hear JoeJoe play the piano when he comes to Houma--Poppy can teach him to play the keyboard too. Love and hugs Mi Mi and Poppy