Sunday, October 26, 2008

Game On!!

Papa had to work yesterday when the LSU game started, but we knew the Tigers needed our support. So while Joseph took a nap, I made him a fun hat out of polar fleece (left over from various Halloween costume projects) to coordinate with our game day shirt. Isn't that what everyone does when their kids nap? ;)

If you'll notice, he's standing. I think he's the only kid who learned to walk before he stood.

When Brent came home, the TV went on immediately. But I'm still crazy about that (too), so Joseph only got to watch the game for 2 minutes. Unfortunately the Tigers didn't do so well this time, but we'll always be there for them!

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The Thibodeaux's said...

My little nephew is too cute! Really miss you guys. Hope to see you all soon.