Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween everyone!

I had a really hard time deciding what to do for Joseph's costume this year, and in the end thought that it would be appropriate to draw inspiration from one of those "life lessons" that everyone has to learn at some point: everything you do will eventually come back to haunt you. So since our sweet boy insists on waking up with the chickens at 6 am every day, as he has for the past year, there was no question that he just had to be a rooster. And amazingly, there's actually a pattern out there for a toddler rooster costume, so we were in business! He surprisingly thought the get-up was hysterical, neck ruffle, chicken feet, and all.

Here's another view with the tail feathers showing:

With all the time and effort involved in making his costume, I kinda let mine slide, and threw together a decent Indiana Jones at the last minute. My partner at work pulled off Hannah Montana (at my suggestion).

This years pumpkin carving project (always wanting to outdo myself, I carved two pumpkins that went together and put them on top of eachother on the front steps). I got a lot of compliments tonight!

Even roosters need some sleep, so it's off to bed after a nightcap. See you at 6!!


AUNTIE A said...

What an adorable costume - just the cutest rooster I've ever seen.
Love the carved pumpkins too!
Miss seeing you all

Kathy Pascover said...

1. adorable rooster
2. fantastic pumpkins
3. good Indiana Jones, but it seemed more like the Man in the Yellow Hat (except obviously not in yellow) from Curious George.