Saturday, October 18, 2008


We just returned from a wonderful trip to Boston. The main goal was to attend a pediatric conference, but a big plus was returning to the city that I lived in for 9 years while going to Boston College and Tufts Med, which I still love and miss greatly. Brent and I took turns watching Joseph while the other went to a lecture. The 1st morning there I took Joseph on a walk along the Charles River, and got all sentimental seeing how gorgeous Fall in New England can be.

The conference was very family friendly, and there was a huge private reception at the Boston Public Library. In the children's wing they had essentially recreated the entire Boston Commons and Public Gardens. "Make Way For Ducklings" is a very well known children's book set in Boston, and they had actual ducklings for the kids to pet, and Mother Goose reading the book during story time.

And of course we had to stop by the statue in the Public Gardens devoted to the same book.

We walked the Freedom Trail (how could you not push that red stroller along the red line painted through the city?), and visited the North End, which is the Italian district, where we treated Joseph to a fantastic meatball sub. We're saving a stop at Mike's Pastry for another trip when I'll actually let him eat something there.

In our down time I tried to teach Joseph to say "Obama." We're getting close!

The famous John Hancock building was right across the street from our hotel. It seems like everywhere we go, the clouds are begging to be photographed!

Did I mention that Fall in New England is breathtaking? Usually that's all in the good sense, but this particular time we were thrown a curveball when Joseph developed croup. Luckily it was a simple thing for 2 pediatricians at a pediatric conference to handle, and he's a remarkably happy kid even when he's sick. He was a little less than an angel on the plane this time compared to our previous flights, but all-in-all it was phenomenal trip!


Alisa said...

You picked a good year to come back. Fall has been particularly spectacular up here this year.

mimi said...

JoeJoe is so lucky to get to go to so many historical places. What great memories. Looks like he was mesmerized with Mother Goose.Love and hugs Mi Mi and Poppy