Monday, October 6, 2008

Apple of our eye

Yesterday, despite having the busiest schedule with both of us being on call, we decided to take Joseph apple picking for the 1st time. It's something we've had fun doing many times before, and we've had just about the most perfect Fall weather to enjoy recently! At 1st he was more into tearing the leaves off the trees, but he eventually got the hang of it......

......especially with a little help.

He definitely knew what to do with the apples once he got them! And I can't blame him - I eat a Granny Smith apple every day with lunch.

Our little Red Delicious:

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Wilder said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos of a 'real' Fall, I miss those leaves. And Joseph is so handsome and big, I have not visited the blog in a long time but when I do it always puts a big smile on my face. Thanks, Dr. T, (it's Justin and Mike W's mom)