Saturday, September 6, 2008

Party of 5

Last week I got to see firsthand what Joseph does while we're at work. I wound up taking him to the park around the same time of the day that our nanny usually brings him, and we ran into his "posse."

Willem, Luca, Austin, and Ethan are the 4 other boys on our street, and their nannies are friends with our nanny (that's how we found her), so they all go to the park together and play. Willem loves to push Joseph in the swing and play peekaboo with him, and the other boys bring him toys to play with in the sandbox and give him turns going down the slide. They are all such sweet kids and really seem to love being together. I guess it's good to know he's having fun while we're miserable being away from him.

Willem likes to pretend he's a cat, so you can guess which one he is.
And soon enough, when our neighbors have their little boy in October, we'll need reservations for 6!

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