Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm sew happy!

...that this quilt I've been making for Joseph is finally done and hanging in his room!

I went back and forth so many times just trying to decide if I was even going to do it.
Day 1: I'm not making a quilt for Joseph. He already has TWO gorgeous ones that Lance and Felicia made for him.
Day 2: How can I not make a quilt for my own son, when I love to quilt?
Repeat, for many months.
Until finally, there came a time when I wasn't making a quilt for anyone else, and I just had to run with it.
No surprise I went with a safari theme.

Joseph would like to show you a zebra. He loves to climb right up and point at the animals.

I'd like to show you my favorite, the elephant, as well as the king of the jungle, the lion. I love that the tails hang over the edges of the blocks and make it look more 3-dimensional.

I bought the blue polka dot fabric when we were in houston 4 months ago. The quilt was supposed to be a present for his 1st birthday. The top was actually done before his birthday, but then I got obsessed with the cake and party, so I didn't get to finish it until last month. Please don't tell him I was late!


AUNTIE A said...

Such talent - the quilt is an absolute masterpiece. Joseph is such a lucky boy!

mimi said...

Carl you are just so talented. It is beautiful and will become an heirloom passed down generations. Yes the cake was pretty time consuming and I feel so lucky to have experienced the big event.Miss yall--Love and hugs Mi Mi and Poppy