Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy, and we know it!

We showed Jack our "secret" park today. It's still within walking distance of our house, but no one ever seems to be there, so we always get the run of the place. Joseph discovered how fun Aunt Missy (his fairy Godmother) really is. She'll do anything to make him happy.

And as people with kids tend to do, we spontaneously broke into song, and the boys' reactions were too cute! Sorry you have to hear me sing. I'll make sure Missy is louder next time.

They're happy, they know it, and they really wanted to show it!
Hope you're happy today too!


Hollie Reese said...

I love that wiggle in the swing! He is a blessed dancer!

mimi said...

That almost tops the itsy bitsy spider. JoeJoe has got the moves and the wiggles.Those boys and Missy are a hoot. Love and Hugs Mi Mi and Poppy