Monday, September 8, 2008

1 small step for 1 big boy

It's a lightening quick 4 second video, but it's JT's 1st real independent steps!!!!


Well, not first 1st - it's not like he has the camera trained on him 24/7 (I'd love that, but we can't really afford the reality TV crew). But yesterday was the 1st time he did it, while Brent and I were both there, and then we made him repeat it a bunch more times so we could get it on video.


The Houston's said...

Yay!! That's so cute! I'm assuming it was near bedtime? My kids always have conquered their next stages right before bedtime. It gets them all revved up!

AUNTIE A said...

Hooray for Joseph!!

Hollie Reese said...


mimi said...

Finally catching up with my blogs--Enough of those darn hurricanes--I think Joseph has grown in those 2 weeks -Wow he is almost walking--or should I say running--Love and Hugs Mi Mi and Poppie