Monday, July 28, 2008

Shear perfection!

Joseph got his very 1st haircut while Mimi was in town to celebrate his birthday. I don't know why we waited until he was one. It's not like it's a tradition in either of our families or we believe it would be bad luck to do it sooner. I guess he just didn't need it for so long, that once we were so close to his birthday, it seemed appropriate to wait, especially after I found out that Mimi is considered a pro when it comes to kids' haircuts.

He sat on Gran's lap while she chatted with him, which kept him quite engaged as Mimi snipped away. Grammy held a special silver cup (from Aunt Suthern and Uncle Glenn) underneath to catch his blonde wisps, and Papa watched adoringly.

I, as always, was taking pictures. There's always a milestone to document for posterity!

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