Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No looking back

Even though Joseph is way larger than his age, he was required by law to face backwards in the carseat until he was officially one year old. Poor guy had no room to move, and there was no room to stretch out his legs except sideways.

Look how happy he is to face forwards! It's good to be one!


The Houston's said...

That is hilarious! I bet he is much happier! By the way-I am still soooo impressed with that birthday cake. You are too much!

Kathy Pascover said...

OK, I hate to be "that person" and I was so worried that this would happen, BUT: it really is much safer for a child to remain rear facing as long as possible. Just because his legs are long doesn't mean that he can't fold them up.

As long as he's within the weight limit, his head is one inch from the top of the car seat shell, and the shoulder straps are still lower than his shoulders, he can still face the rear.

Given his size, it would probably just be a few more months. But despite his size, his bones still aren't calcified.

A car seat technician friend of mine says that 2 and 30 is the new 1 and 20. The longer a child can remain rear facing, the safer he will be.

OK, off my soapbox. :-)

Carl, Brent, & Joseph said...

Good to see that others are aware of information that both of Joseph's pediatrician dads already know and factored into the personal decision they made for their child. But you never know when unsolicited advice may help some other "person" out there, so everybody read up on bone ossification and your local laws!