Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Joseph at 1 year

As hard as it might be to believe, there's no denying that an entire year has flown by, and our baby boy has turned ONE! Almost every day feels frozen in time - that the Joseph I see today is the boy I've known all along - yet I continually look back at old pictures, videos, and blog posts and see how much he's changed, and realize that every once in a while he does something he hasn't ever done before.

He's always been a chatty guy, but the past few days, I swear, every time he sees me, he stops, looks, smiles, and says "Dada" while he waves to me. He's also clearly moving towards standing and walking - he just holds on with one hand now, and tries lunging between 2 things instead of cruising. A few new walking toys have helped move that process along, I'm sure, as have the cats, who he really wants to catch.

Tooth #8, a long time in the making, finally came through the day before his birthday.

He's fully on cups and fully on milk, and adapts to every change without any fuss. But when he's fussy, the few things that always work are letting him look out and bang on the front or back storm door, playing some music, running some water, and if all else fails, letting him rip up some paper or climb onto the open dishwasher door. Go figure.

Joe Joe still loves all his food groups, probably because I don't give him a choice, but if I did, I suspect he would eat cheese, cereal, and pasta all day long. He sleeps from 7:30pm to 6am, and has 2 naps, about 1 1/2 hrs each - not too shabby. Although we wish he wouldn't wake up with the chickens, we know we have nothing to complain about.

It seems appropriate to stop the monthly updates since we've hit the year mark. Maybe we'll switch to the check-up schedule at my office, which goes to every 3 months now. I think I might be able to handle posing him, with both the alligator and the sign, and still get him to look at the camera normally and not eat the sign or throw the alligator once every few months. The effort that goes into it is exhausting!! I'm so tired of THIS:

(OK, the goofy face is kinda cute once in a while, but generally not how I want to document him every month!)

So speaking of check-ups, we just returned from his 1 year appointment with Dr. Moe today, and you just won't believe how big Joseph is!!

33 inches
30 pounds, 14 ounces


Anonymous said...

hi - just wanted to say thanks for hosting this site. i'm a waiting parent at the same agency you used and found this blog through a google search. it's really helped me through the waiting process - thank you. and congratulations on being parents to such a beautiful boy!

Alisa said...

Happy 1st Birthday Joseph! You have two great parents.
PS I am totally stealing your idea of taking a picture every month with a stuffed animal for size reference for Harper.

mimi said...

It was so much fun to be there when the 12 month pictures were taken- I got to see first hand the production--and how Carl does it--We had so much fun with JoeJoe--he is just beautiful and so precious-- Love and miss all of you MI Mi and Poppy

Anonymous said...

well of course joseph is happy
and cute we share the same
love june