Saturday, July 26, 2008


We don't know where Joseph learned to "dance" like this (it has a name, "The Morgan," after a sweet little guy we know that did the same thing, though not in front of Joseph), but people think it's hysterical, so he obviously gets a lot of reinforcement to keep doing it.

He did this for more than 10 minutes, just opening and closing the card over and over, until we made him stop because it looks like he's going to break his neck!

This one is more of an overall "happy dance." The boy just loves music! (Hope you like my Mom's singing)

Hope this brings a smile to your face today :)


mimi said...

I just got the song out of my head and now it has has returned with such good memories--that Joe Joe is too cute and full of hum-bug--I am still laughing at his singing and dancing and siily faces. Yes I am smiling. love MiMi and Poppy

Grammy and Gramps said...

The kid just cracks us up with his dancing. Grammy says she does't sound all that bad.

Hollie Reese said...


Janney said...

Morgan has some other great moves he'd love to share with Joe... like his butt shake and leg lift at the same time!