Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It's the color that hits you:

And makes you go "WOW!"
This boy has some blue eyes!

In one of those "it's a small world after all" moments, we met a photographer that specializes in children's portraits on the plane back from Miami in March. Her father is a specialist I refer my patients to, her sister brings her kids to me (for the past 10 years!), and I saw the photographer's kids back when I used to work in an urgent care center.

I checked out her web site and her work looked great, so we set up a photo shoot just as Joseph was turning 9 months old. Of course we ordered some black and whites:

But back in color, BAM! Those eyes!!!

These were all taken in her backyard, but we brought along our Pottery Barn chair and a few other props.

I slipped into a photo here and there. We took the 1st available appointment, feeling guilty that it took 9 months to getting his portrait done, so Brent couldn't make it. But we have another shoot scheduled for this weekend for some family portraits.

If you're a local and like her work, her website is She's great, and very reasonably priced. Joseph's pictures will be gracing her photo galleries when she revamps her site.

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