Wednesday, July 30, 2008


2 one year olds playing very nicely!

Thanks for coming over, Jack!

No looking back

Even though Joseph is way larger than his age, he was required by law to face backwards in the carseat until he was officially one year old. Poor guy had no room to move, and there was no room to stretch out his legs except sideways.

Look how happy he is to face forwards! It's good to be one!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Shear perfection!

Joseph got his very 1st haircut while Mimi was in town to celebrate his birthday. I don't know why we waited until he was one. It's not like it's a tradition in either of our families or we believe it would be bad luck to do it sooner. I guess he just didn't need it for so long, that once we were so close to his birthday, it seemed appropriate to wait, especially after I found out that Mimi is considered a pro when it comes to kids' haircuts.

He sat on Gran's lap while she chatted with him, which kept him quite engaged as Mimi snipped away. Grammy held a special silver cup (from Aunt Suthern and Uncle Glenn) underneath to catch his blonde wisps, and Papa watched adoringly.

I, as always, was taking pictures. There's always a milestone to document for posterity!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


We don't know where Joseph learned to "dance" like this (it has a name, "The Morgan," after a sweet little guy we know that did the same thing, though not in front of Joseph), but people think it's hysterical, so he obviously gets a lot of reinforcement to keep doing it.

He did this for more than 10 minutes, just opening and closing the card over and over, until we made him stop because it looks like he's going to break his neck!

This one is more of an overall "happy dance." The boy just loves music! (Hope you like my Mom's singing)

Hope this brings a smile to your face today :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Joseph at 1 year

As hard as it might be to believe, there's no denying that an entire year has flown by, and our baby boy has turned ONE! Almost every day feels frozen in time - that the Joseph I see today is the boy I've known all along - yet I continually look back at old pictures, videos, and blog posts and see how much he's changed, and realize that every once in a while he does something he hasn't ever done before.

He's always been a chatty guy, but the past few days, I swear, every time he sees me, he stops, looks, smiles, and says "Dada" while he waves to me. He's also clearly moving towards standing and walking - he just holds on with one hand now, and tries lunging between 2 things instead of cruising. A few new walking toys have helped move that process along, I'm sure, as have the cats, who he really wants to catch.

Tooth #8, a long time in the making, finally came through the day before his birthday.

He's fully on cups and fully on milk, and adapts to every change without any fuss. But when he's fussy, the few things that always work are letting him look out and bang on the front or back storm door, playing some music, running some water, and if all else fails, letting him rip up some paper or climb onto the open dishwasher door. Go figure.

Joe Joe still loves all his food groups, probably because I don't give him a choice, but if I did, I suspect he would eat cheese, cereal, and pasta all day long. He sleeps from 7:30pm to 6am, and has 2 naps, about 1 1/2 hrs each - not too shabby. Although we wish he wouldn't wake up with the chickens, we know we have nothing to complain about.

It seems appropriate to stop the monthly updates since we've hit the year mark. Maybe we'll switch to the check-up schedule at my office, which goes to every 3 months now. I think I might be able to handle posing him, with both the alligator and the sign, and still get him to look at the camera normally and not eat the sign or throw the alligator once every few months. The effort that goes into it is exhausting!! I'm so tired of THIS:

(OK, the goofy face is kinda cute once in a while, but generally not how I want to document him every month!)

So speaking of check-ups, we just returned from his 1 year appointment with Dr. Moe today, and you just won't believe how big Joseph is!!

33 inches
30 pounds, 14 ounces

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wild Wild (north)West

Here in our little corner of northwest DC, we threw a safari themed birthday barbecue for our Joseph, who turned ONE! The inspiration started a year ago, with the safari animal bedding we picked out at PB kids, and we just kept running with the theme. We had family and friends gather together to celebrate this momentous event, and we had wonderfully cooperative weather to boot!

The birthday boy with Willem, one of his boyz from the block:

Getting ready for a sweet rendition of "Happy Birthday to You!" (I'll try to post the video when we have some time to recover from the weekend.)

Joseph (surprisingly) wasn't really into the cake. Maybe it's my fault for making carrot (hee hee) cake instead of something chocolately?

Papa and Mimi made sure he ate his cupcake, since they knew I wouldn't let them give him much else.

The Estabrooks (Jack, Missy, and Matt), aka "good sports," who humored us and posed for a pic with some party hats on:

We tried to stage a "kid pile-up" on the sofa - no such luck. Couldn't get more than 5 on the couch before someone started crying, and it just went downhill. But thanks to everyone for trying to get all 13 little ones together.

One of Joe Joe's favorite gifts from Grammy and Grandpa, a Radio Flyer sports coupe. We've made a lot of laps and burned a lot of calories already pushing him around, but the handle on the back goes up and down, so he can push it himself too.

A special guest of honor, Joseph's great-grandmother Carolyn, who flew in from Louisiana for the big event.

And finally, is Joseph off on a safari of his own, or is he just trying to get away from the madness?

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this day so special - you know who you are and what you did to deserve credit. We love you!

No trick, just treats

Hi, my name is Carl, and I have a problem with baked goods.
I never know when to stop.

In my defense, my son will never have another first birthday, so I had to do what I had to do!

It was a safari theme, but I snuck a little crab onto the top of the cake, since his sign is Cancer, the crab.

And why stop at cake, when you can spend every nap time over a week (or so) molding chocolate lollipops?

And since there was a little batter left over, why not make some cupcakes for people to take home? The biggest shock is that most of the cake was gone at the end of the party! I guess carrot cake wasn't such a bad choice after all, unless people were throwing it in the trash when I wasn't looking....

If anyone wants to know how I made all the J's on the cupcakes and the decorations on the cake, it involved much inspiration, changing my mind several hundred times (which is why there was no fondant involved in the end), blowing up templates from the party invitation 400% on the photocopier at work, many batches of royal icing which would amaze even Martha Stewart, edible food markers, and many death threats aimed at our cat Simon, who tirelessly tried to destroy all my handiwork, even up to the day before the party while I was trying to assemble the cake.

It was a snap!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Water World

What a fun playdate at Jack's house today!!

He has a pool AND this neato water-filled playmat that the kids just went back and forth and back and forth between. The mat is hooked up to a running hose and has these little holes that act like sprinklers (or a water fountain if you're getting thirsty from the heat).

Missy and I wanted to jump in ourselves. We'll have to see if they make a mat in our size...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It's the color that hits you:

And makes you go "WOW!"
This boy has some blue eyes!

In one of those "it's a small world after all" moments, we met a photographer that specializes in children's portraits on the plane back from Miami in March. Her father is a specialist I refer my patients to, her sister brings her kids to me (for the past 10 years!), and I saw the photographer's kids back when I used to work in an urgent care center.

I checked out her web site and her work looked great, so we set up a photo shoot just as Joseph was turning 9 months old. Of course we ordered some black and whites:

But back in color, BAM! Those eyes!!!

These were all taken in her backyard, but we brought along our Pottery Barn chair and a few other props.

I slipped into a photo here and there. We took the 1st available appointment, feeling guilty that it took 9 months to getting his portrait done, so Brent couldn't make it. But we have another shoot scheduled for this weekend for some family portraits.

If you're a local and like her work, her website is She's great, and very reasonably priced. Joseph's pictures will be gracing her photo galleries when she revamps her site.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Poetry in motion

Joseph really wants to walk!