Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

Flash back to exactly one year ago today, when our lives were about to change forever:

My parents and their friends were in town for a visit, and we had all gone out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant. At 9:20pm, my cell phone rang, and for some reason, I just had this sense that something was different. No one ever really called my cell phone much. I stepped away from the table and glanced at the caller ID, which just said "Maryland." On the line was Aimee, a birth parent counselor at our adoption agency, who asked me how I was. My response was "Good, but I'm kinda freaking our right now that you're calling me so late on a Friday night. What's going on?" And then it happened, the moment Brent and I had been waiting for for over 2 years (2 1/2 if you count the whole application process too) - we were told that we had been chosen by a birthfamily to adopt their baby! A lot of the rest of that conversation turned out to be a blur, but less than 4 weeks later, our Joseph was born, and we believed that fairy tales and dreams really do come true. (It's still so emotional that I'm crying as I type this!)

Jump back to the present day, and here we all are, with Aimee, at The Barker Foundation annual family picnic just a few weeks ago. What a difference a year makes: This time last year, I had just tortured the new director of the agency, Sandra, by bursting into tears and sobbing pathetically for 45 minutes after she simply asked "So how are you doing?" the day I went to meet her, because I was so desperate to be a parent, but had no hope left in me anymore that it was ever going to happen.

And a year later, I'm still crying, but only tears of joy.

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The Thibodeaux's said...

Okay now you have me crying...I am so happy for you and Brent...and for Joe Joe who has 2 wonderful fathers! Love and miss yall!