Thursday, June 5, 2008

Toys 'R Everywhere

Jack and Joseph are both sick today, so we had to cancel our regular playdate (Joseph just has a cold, but he's a total snot factory), so we had to hang at home and have a playdate of our own. We just got Joseph a new toy, which he seems to love (and so do I, since it was on clearance) - a fun wood activity center, with lots of bright colors and things to keep him interested. And it's strong enough to support him when he stands!

Yet no matter how many toys we get, he still loves to play with everything that's not actually a toy - like the phone, shoes, spoons, etc.

And when he's done playing with everything in sight, toy or otherwise, this is what the living room looks like when he goes down for a nap:

Here's a video of him with one of his favorites. I'm not sure if I would actually say he's "playing" with it, as much as beating the heck out of it! And by the way, I hear that little tune it plays in my sleep.


Alisa said...

Be careful giving him that phone. When Keegan was little he somehow reprogrammed ours so that each button actually dialed a different number and the number 2 didn't work at all. It is amazing how many phone numbers involve a 2 when you can't press one.

The Houston's said...

That cracks me up. A persistent fellow. He doesn't stop until it's completely apart!

Hollie Reese said...

That is such a "doctor's office" toy! No wonder the boy loves it! I hope you have insurance on your cell phones...we have been through a few thanks to the kiddos!!

mimi said...

I love the way he kicks it with his foot at the end , I'm guessing soccer player or terminator.Is that the same house that was always so nice and neat. JoeJoe does seem to have the run of the house. Its is so much fun isn't it. love and hugs Mi Mi and Poppie