Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our 1st Fathers' Day

(Yep, that's where the apostrophe goes, since Joseph has 2 fathers!)

Today started off with a bang! Joseph was so excited to wish us a happy Papa/Daddy Day that he woke up at 5:20am, something he never, ever does. He was really doing us a favor, because we had such an action packed day planned, and really needed to be up and running.

Our 1st stop was the annual Capital Pride festival. Weird that it was scheduled today, buy hey, we were proud to be fathers, so we went downtown to parade our happy family around. Naturally everyone thought he was just the cutest thing in sight. And that we had the coolest stroller they'd seen. Random people would pass us and say "Happy Fathers' Day!"

(Anybody notice his rings are in the colors of the rainbow? Yeah, we've already established I'm a dork. But I'm proud.)

Then we trekked all the way back home and had some presents. What a great little shopper he is already. And the boy can tie a bow like nobody's business!

After a very, very short nap (again, quite unusual for him, but I guess he really did want to spend every moment of this special day with us) we headed to the neighbors for a BBQ. They had this tiny little baby pool that Joe Joe was splashing his hands in while sitting at the edge. I literally turned my head for a second, and he just crawled right on in, sandals, clothes, and all. He truly loves the water! Which is good, because then we had to run him back home and bathe him quickly before our guests arrived.

Our lovely friends Mallory and Meredith decided to do something sweet to celebrate our 1st Fathers' Day, so they arranged for a bunch of friends to come over and make dinner for us. We got to hang out on our new back lawn and let the kids crawl around in the grass.

The day finally caught up with Joseph, and he had to go off to bed while the party continued, but we had to get one last family photo in, even though we already changed him into his jammies.

We had such a wonderful day, and it's amazing to think this is only the 1st of so many more to come. So many people were thinking of us today, and called or sent us cards. Thanks to everyone for all they did to make this so special! Hope all the other Daddys and Papas out there had a great day too!

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