Thursday, June 19, 2008

Joseph at 11 months

What an adorable age! With almost every day comes something new, exciting, or just darned cute. Taking these pictures is getting more and more challenging, since there just seems to be no point in sitting for more than a few seconds anymore. Joe Joe is on the go, even if it's just standing up and then sitting back down over and over and over again, or cruising along short distances, which he started a few weeks ago.

Joseph was always a good sleeper, but sometimes pretty tough just to get down into the crib. A little "sleep training" fixed that very quickly. Just 45 minutes of crying it out one night (during which Brent nearly caved 20 times, but I trained him at the same time too), and now it's bottle, book, and good night kiss, and he's off to sleep in a few minutes, alone.

On the bathroom scale Joseph clocks in at about 28 1/2 pounds - and that's been the same for almost a month, so he still fits well into his 18-24 month wardrobe. He's such a good eater, and we have yet to find a food he refuses. His favorite is still green beans (why?) and ham, but his new love is blueberries. He's pretty much all on cups too!

His personality is just TOO adorable, and it's so easy to make him smile or laugh. Still loves music. Still loves playing in the water. Still loves to destroy anything in his path and then giggle. His newest interest is trying to make us laugh by doing the same things that we've used to make him laugh, like play peek-a-boo, wave, or pretend to just eat you up (although his 7 (and a half) teeth can really hurt!). Here's one thing I could personally do without:

Yeah, that's not just a bad picture, that's the new goofy face he came up with that winds up in at least 1/2 of all pictures. I think he might be saying"cheeeeeese?" But we still love every little thing about him!!

And the countdown to ONE begins....


AUNTIE A said...

With each passing month, he gets more adorable and his facial expressions get oh so cute! Can't
wait to view the blog with him
walking - oh no - poor Jeffrey and

Hollie Reese said...

I remember when Brent told me to let my kids "cry it out" to just wait until he had one of his own!! HA! I told you is was hard!!!

He is just too cute! He seems like a bundle of fun!!!

And yes, he weighs more than my 3 year old!