Thursday, June 12, 2008

In 'n Out

We had ourselves a little heatwave here in DC a few days ago, with temperatures nearing 100 degrees every day (so in other words, like every day in Texas, I hear). All we could do is play inside, but Joseph still wanted to go out.

It finally cooled down a little, so we ventured out to the park today. Joseph seems to have gotten the hang of the swing and has a good time!

His goldilocks are getting long and super-blonde.

Since I knew it was a bath night, I decided to let JT hang in the sandpit for the 1st time. I know he's seen sand at the beach and put his feet it in, but I don't remember him actually touching it with his hands or sitting in it. I pretty much lost him after that, and he never looked up once!

He was absolutely fascinated by it:


The Thibodeaux's said...

He is too he will always want to play in that sand...good luck!

mimi said...

JoeJoe looks like he enjoyed the sand and playing outside. His hair is getting so light and looks like it is growing a bit. I cannot wait to see him again. love and hugs Mi Mi and Poppie