Sunday, June 29, 2008

Don't know much about history

Last weekend my parents and their friends came to visit and take in some more of the sights in the DC area - coincidentally the exact same people we were with the exact same weekend last year when we found out about Joseph (see the last post). This time Mt. Vernon was on the to-do list, and since we hadn't been in a while, we tagged along. It was blistering hot and super crowded, and Joseph was most interested in checking out the "bowling green."

And as with most of our other historical outings, he generally sleeps through half of it (as I might like to do sometimes too!):

Mean Dad makes his kid be goofy:

One of the most lovely things about the weekend was that it actually cooled down in the evening, and we were able to eat dinner outside every night. AND, one night, after Joseph went off to sleep, Brent and I dashed out to Georgetown and saw a movie while Grammy, Grandpa, Roe, and Joe listened out for him - the FIRST movie we've seen at the theater since he was born!! We saw "Sex and the City," which was really cute, and Joseph never knew we were gone!

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