Saturday, May 3, 2008

JT's New Playground

It feels like we're always working on some project around here - it just comes with buying a house built in the 30's. But we're done with kitchens and bathrooms and painting for now (finally!), and this last project was a fun one - tearing up the backyard to make a usable space for our little guy to play.

Originally there was a rickety old screened porch off the back of the house, and a significantly sloping "lawn," which was really patches of grass that could find their way around the massive tree roots and ivy.

Admittedly, we started the project before we knew Joseph was coming. We just couldn't stand that porch anymore, so last Spring we had it torn down, and replaced with a deck and pergola.

This Spring, with all signs pointing toward Joseph starting to walk soon enough, we knew we had to keep this project moving, so we called in the pros. They raised the yard with timbers and hauled in loads of dirt,

busted up all the ugly concrete paths,

and started to build some retaining walls to level the ground out best they could.

Then they mulched and mulched, laid tons of sod, and planted a few of our favorite trees - cherry blossom, dogwood, and Japanese maple.

And there you have it! Brent still has lofty goals of planting flowers, shrubs, and more trees, but where to find the time?!?!
It was an amazing transformation that only took about 2 weeks, and now JT has a great place to play all summer long!


Hollie Reese said...

How great! It turned out beautiful! If I do end up a will be the first person I come and visit!

The Houston's said...

Wow!! That is absolutely incredible!! It looks awesome.

Grammy and Gramps said...

They did a great job. We look forward to playing with JT come June.

Lance said...

It looks GREAT- but where will you hide when you sneak a cigarette??